Mininet Installation and Walkthrough

Mar 3, 2017 16:23 · 162 words · 1 minute read Mininet Openflow SDN

Record of Mininet installation and walkthrough.


I installed Mininet on my native machine thus did not go the VM way (which is recommended on the official site). Here’s just a record of how to manually install Mininet on my native Ubuntu 16.04.

$ git clone git://
$ sudo mininet/util/ -a

Where -a means “install all”. Including OVS, OpenFlow wireshark dissector and POX.

After the installation is finished, test the basic Mininet functionality:

$ sudo mn --test pingall


Part 1: Everyday Usage

Start Wireshark

Open wireshark in the background:

$ sudo wireshark &

In wireshark filter box, enter:


Click Capture>Options, select Start on the loopback interface (lo).

For now, there should be no OpenFlow packets displayed in the main window.

Interact with Hosts and Switches

Start another terminal and enter:

$ sudo mn

To start a minimal (default) topology, which includes one OpenFlow kernel switch connected to two hosts, plus the OpenFlow reference controller.

With the Mininet CLI comes up,